Location Marketing Matters - Local Business Owners Keep Up With Digital Progress

Mobile Location Marketing

The local business owner can now afford to keep up with the times. 2015 and 2016 stats show mobile search traffic surpassing desktop search. Consumers are searching for local businesses. Local businesses are struggling to pay marketing fees needed to compete with large brands. SearchAMP announces enterprise level marketing services for local businesses, providing search social & reputation management services at a fraction of the costs previously only available to enterprise clients.

​Another sign of evolving digital times, Rostin Ventures announced the launch of SearchAMP Marketing today.  The company previously provided digital marketing services to affiliated franchise business locations.  The new location marketing service model provides affordable pricing to local business owners.  

In an announcement released today, the company states, "The local business owner can now afford to keep up with the times.  ​SearchAMP is providing enterprise level marketing expertise within a pricing model preciously only available to (the company's) enterprise level clientèle."  SearchAMP Marketing provides Search, Social, Reputation Management services to the local business, for a fraction of the costs needed to secure high level marketing experience.

Over the past several years, it seems that everything in the world of digital marketing has changed. We evolve with the market, in order to provide unmatched expertise and service for our customers. Location marketing services fill a need of our franchise and affiliated local business customers.

Julia Ross, Chief Marketing Officer

According to National Retail Federation, 2016 Q1 stats show ecommerce averaging over $86.3 Billion in sales and an average of 7.7% of total retail sales.  Location marketing provides an avenue for consumers to find local businesses through maps, apps, car navigation systems.   Search providers such as Google Maps and Yelp are building review systems to enable consumers to leave reviews while enabling brands to market to consumers who are served local results associated with large promotional campaigns. 

"Marketing at its core is emotionally connecting your brand with your customers and prospects.   SearchAMP gives the local business owner the resources needed to reach the customer and build a loyal relationship that keeps them coming back for more, without blowing the marketing budget." noted Julia Ross  

SearchAMP provides a platform to enable each local business owner to log in to promote and respond to business reviews, review social media mentions of the business, post in social media and see progress of search engine marketing and directory listing campaigns.

According to the website SearchAMP Marketing Services opened up local pricing options for:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) both organic and paid

  • Digital customer engagement and conversion optimization

  • Digital content creation, distribution and syndication

  • Digital Sales and Marketing Automation with CRM  and call-tracking implementation

  • Audio & Video Production including On Hold Telephone Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management

The company also noted a cost per performance service to include the following:

  • Ecommerce website and microsite design, engineering and implementation

  • User experience design and personalization

  • Mobile optimization and responsive design.

  • Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Search AMP Marketing, provides SEO consulting, search engine marketing, social media marketing and online reputation management for the small business to the enterprise. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, servicing US and International markets, this team of seasoned marketing professionals are experts in online business marketing and reputation strategies.  In business since 2001, the marketing executives have an abundance of experience in traditional advertising, marketing, online and mobile commerce.  ​Contact SearchAMP to learn more about local business offerings.

Source: Rostin Ventures, Inc.


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