Julia Ross

President / Chief Marketing Officer

Fine Artist | Entrepreneur & President & CMO at Rostin Ventures, where brand value & reputation are solidly built, via innovative technologies in digital design, commercial and commissioned art for design.

Rostin Ventures was founded in 2001 with headquarters located in Dallas, Texas.
Our team is a talented group of professionals with veteran experience, which has evolved with the industry of emerging technologies in digital media.

We are digital marketing strategists who understand consumer behavior.
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Business Management | P&L | Advisory Board Management | Employee Management
New Product Launch | Digital Strategy | Online Brand Management | Enterprise eCommerce
Social Media Marketing |SEO SEM | Online Advertising | Online Reputation Management
Content Marketing | Marketing Automation | Online Advertising | Marketing Analytics

Julia Ross is an artist with experience in managing digital applications which bring a new
perspective to her paintings and sculptures in art mediums of encaustic, acrylic,
watercolor, and resin encased metals. With over 20 years in marketing, advertising, and
public relations, Ms. Ross combines her knowledge of Internet marketing and media
with skillful strategies which bring new light to artwork.

Julia has been showcased by Dallas Art & Culture and is represented by art galleries in
Dallas , Grapevine and Fort Worth Texas with artwork showcased internationally.

Julia Ross commercial and commissioned artist works of large scale abstracts include mediums of encaustic and acrylic, watercolor and ink mixed media on large canvas, canvas board and acrylic board. These paintings and sculptures include acrylic, metal and resin encased gallium.